November 17,2017

e2mom for 10 min: 

5 back or front squat

- increase weight each round


15 min to complete:

4x400 m

30 hang cleans 155/105

50 wallballs 20/14



Thursday open gym 9-12

Thursday nove 16,2017


4 rounds for time: 

50 double unders

10 deadlifts 275/185

3 rope climbs

10 Burpees  

rest 2 mins


post wod:  

2 rounds

6 lengths sled push 135/90





November 15,2017

e2mom for 10 min- 5 snatch or squat snatch

increase weight every time



15 min amrap: 

3 snatch 135/95

6 toes to bar

9 box jumps 24/20


post wod abs  

50 sit-ups with 53/35 kb from Turkish getup position



Tuesday work

November 14,2017


Wearing a 20-lb. vest, 6 rounds for time:
25 pull-ups
15  front-rack lunge, 75 lb.
25 push-ups

15 front-rack lunge, 75 lb.


if you have time after workout: 

3x10 backsquats @ a challenging heavy weight for all three sets

The pain face  


monday- be proud of yourself

Monday November 13,2017


every 2 minutes for 10 minutes perform

5 touch and go power cleans 

-goal is to increase every time so your 3,4,and 5th set is heavy

- perform quality reps everytime (fast under bar, fast elbows, holding tight)



3 rounds for time:

10 clean and jerk 115/75 

10 Thrusters 115/75

post wod abs:

3 minute plank

Hey CFL. Can you believe we are coming to the end of 2017! Just wanted to say that as I begin to reflect on the year I can't help but think of how proud this gym makes me. Lives are changing daily. Hurdles are being conquered daily. Struggle is anticipated. We do hard work here. Although we may initially complain about the task ahead we put our head down and get to work. I am astounded at times of the level of commitment by everyone here and the determination that is shown by all members. There are plenty of places to receive your fitness needs in the area. Believe me when I say that you are apart of an incredible community of people with high quality programming and high quality instruction, believe me. There are plenty of ways to sweat. There are plenty of ways to get strong. You have chosen the road less traveled due to the level of terrain. Most people will not even attempt. So be proud that you are among those that have chosen the harder route. Even if you can not do a pull-up yet, you still are among those that have subscribed to the harder path. I'm proud of you...and yes, something set me off. haha. enjoy this weeks worth of workouts. invite a friend. one that you care about. we are saving lives daily!